Bird Sanctuaries

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Bird Sanctuaries in India

India provides shelter to thousands of bird species due to its vast and varied geographical setting, climate and extended coastline conducive for the birds including many migratory birds from different parts of the world to lay their eggs and rare the young birds. Out of the 8650 species of birds seen in the world, India houses as many as 1200 of them. Some of the legendary species of birds observed in the national parks and bird sanctuaries of India can be grouped as: Racquet tailed drogas, Tree Pies Jungle Owlets, Minvets, Ioras, Golden Orioles Magpie Robins, Sun Birds, Kingfishers, Drogas, Mynas Pipits, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Larks, Siberian Crane, etc..

Situated amidst a luxuriant flora, Indian bird sanctuaries very much supports dense forests and variety of vegetations. A noticeable feature in these bird sanctuaries is that they are broadly surrounded by natural or made-made water bodies like rivers and lakes. This provides a natural setting for different species of birds to take shelter. The most distinguished bird sanctuaries in India are:

1.  Keoladeo Ghana National Park at Bharatpur in Rajasthan,
2.  Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary in Karnataka,
3.  Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat,
4.  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in Kerala,
5.  Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary in Orissa and
6.  Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in North Goa.

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