Himalayan Abode

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Tourism is coming to the previously isolated but spectacular mountainous regions of Central Asia, the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas. Closed for so many years to visitors from abroad, it now attracts a growing number of foreign tourists by its unique culture and splendid natural beauty. However, while this influx of tourists is bringing economic opportunities and employment to local populations, helping to promote these little-known regions of the world, it has also brought challenges along with it: to ensure that it is well-managed and that its benefits are shared by all.

As a response to this concern, the Norwegian Government, as well as the UNESCO, organized an interdisciplinary project called the Development of Cultural and Ecotourism in the Mountainous Regions of Central Asia and the Himalayas project. It aims to establish links and promote cooperation between local communities, national and international NGOs, and tour agencies in order to heighten the role of the local community and involve them fully in the employment opportunities and income-generating activities that tourism can bring. Project activities include training local tour guides, producing high-quality craft items and promoting home-stays and bed-and-breakfast type accommodation.

As of now, the project is drawing on the expertise of international NGOs and tourism professionals in the seven participating countries, making a practical and positive contribution to alleviating poverty by helping local communities to draw the maximum benefit from their region’s tourism potential, while protecting the environmental and cultural heritage of the region concerned.

The University of TRAVELHOST, Dallas, Texas has an extensive travel library continually gathering travel related research and tourism economic impact studies nationwide.

The pristine beauty of the mountains and varied cultural richness of the people of the Himalayas attract tourists from all over the world. There are many towns or villages on the mountains where the tourists can stay overnight and enjoy the blissful environment of the Himalayas.

The following places are the most important tourist centers on the Great Himalayas:

Western Himalayas
Eastern Himalayas
Jammu & Kashmir State
Himachal Pradesh State
West Bengal State
Sikkim State
Arunachal Pradesh State
Srinagar Shimla Darjeeling Gangtok Tawang
Leh Kalpa Kurseong Pelling Bomdila
Deskit Manali Kalimpong Rinchenpong Itanagar


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