Kumzum Pass

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Kumzum Pass -  Gateway to Chandratal Lake

News:  Kumzum Pass is not likely to be accessible before 10th June 2013. The area is fully snow covered and not accessible. After melting the snow on the road as well as the glaciers on the higher ridges which cuts the road making it inaccessible to the motorists, the pebble laid road is made fit for vehicular traffic in a week or two. After that, the bus plies along this road from Kaza to Manali. It is suggested not to venture along this road before getting the clearances from the local authority.

Kumzum Pass pictures as on 20-June-2012 taken by Mr. M. S. Ray, Chief Editor, indianguidebook.com (No bus was allowed to run along this road till then):

The road passing through Kumzum Pass as on 20-Jun-2012:


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